Like most things in life vaping, (defined as the act of inhaling vapour produced from either a special vape device or an e- cigarette), is something you need to learn how to do if you want to have the best possible vaping experience.

There are several types of e-cigarettes on the market these days, so although they all share the same basic principles of use there can be some fairly substantial differences in the way they function, and therefore how they are actually used in practice.

Here we look at the main points, and then at the differences between types of electronic cigarettes when they are in action.

The components of a vape device

Regardless of their appearance all vape devices have a battery which powers it, a heating element to warm the e-juice, a space for the e-juice to be stored, and a mouthpiece which the user inhales the e-liquid through.

Types of vape device

Although some serious vapers like to build their own vape devices here we focus only on how to vape with fully assembled options, which are:

Disposable e-cigarettes

Regular e-cigarettes

AIOs (all in ones)

Pod vapes

Disposable e-cigarettes

These throw away devices are often designed to look very much like regular cigarettes and are activated as soon as someone takes a puff. They don’t need to be turned on or off, or to be adjusted in any way.

Regular e-cigarettes

These are also activated by the user taking a drag, but in some cases they must be turned on and primed first. (Priming means simply clicking a button a few times to have the e-juice start flowing.) Some use disposable cartridges, others are designed to be refilled by the user. If there is no e-juice or cartridge included you will need to follow the instructions (included in pack) on how to fill it/add cartridge.


All in ones are a step-up, and they are often designed to look like pens. They can be refilled, and generally need the user to press a button to activate them before taking a puff. Some may require you to hold the button in while inhaling the vapour, or to adjust the wattage during use to get the level right.

Pod vapes

A popular choice as these offer fuss free vaping, simply puff and go without having to hold a button down, and a wide variety of disposable cartridge e-juices or the option to refill it.

Post purchase vaping

Newcomers to vaping are best concentrating on the art of inhaling and exhaling vapour in the correct amounts, getting used to the way their e-cigarette works, and figuring out which e-juices they like the best. There’s plenty of time in the future to explore other styles of vaping, such as stealth and sub ohm, (blowing out clouds of vapour).


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